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How We Serve //

Mission Orientation

Inner Resource supports YOUR ability to grow, manage, and achieve hosting professionals with shared lived experience who are committed to delivering strengths and skills based counseling, education, and advocacy support within a collaborative, person-centered, wellness relationship.  We believe it is our duty to continue the mission and are privileged to share in the creation of health, healing, resiliency, connectivity, and personal growth opportunities throughout the Service Member, Veteran, and Family population.  

Counseling Support

In service or while leading the family at home, having a tight and proficient team unit promotes success of the mission. Coming from a place of lived experience and embodying service-oriented values, our counselors join as partners and members of your team delivering strengths, skills, and empowerment based individual, group, and couples counseling to support your wellness mission accomplishment.

Benefits Education & Advocacy

Navigating benefits systems is often a mysterious and complex process that can leave one feeling set up for failure rather than success.  Our cadre of peer professionals firmly believe that accessibility to earned benefits is imperative and that it is our duty to lead the way providing comprehensive education, advocacy, and case management support.   

Resources & Referrals

Creating opportunities for growth, healing, and goal attainment requires tapping into more than one option. Our cadre of peer professionals are at the ready to arm with information, empower choice, and mobilize resources to impact meaningful change.


Counselors with Lived Experience //

           Serve Together; Heal Together

The Inner Resource counseling team is comprised of professionals with shared lived experience in a military, emergency, and/or public safety uniformed service or as a family member with shared lifestyle and support experience. 


We believe our work here is a continuation of service, duty, and obligation to our communities of belonging.  We, too, have bore the burden, received support, broke down barriers, and are diligent in paying it forward and continuing the mission in service. 

Collaborative Concentrations //

           Individual, Group, Couple, Family

  • Trauma Healing 

  • Stress Recovery & Resiliency 

  • Relationships & Reintegration 

  • Health & Wellness 

  • Transition, Life Changes & Adjustments 

  • Mindful Maneuvers Training 

  • Benefits Education & Advocacy

  • Resources & Referrals​

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